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The organizing committee is pleased to invite worldwide young scientist to participate in the 3rd International Conference of Young Scientists – “Chemistry Today - 2013” (May 17-19, 2013, Georgia).

The conference is organized by the Professional Association of Chemists of Georgia and Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy of the Georgian Technical University.

The meaning of chemistry is very important in everyday life. It plays a central role in permanently growing and widening chemical industry as well as in such fields as health care, nutrition, environment protection, energy sector, transport, etc.

The goal of present events is finding many opportunities to exchange scientific views and ideas as well as promotion joint collaborations.

Our understanding of material world and of the fact how chemistry solves lots of actual modern problems depends on our knowledge, responsibility and ability of application of discoveries.

Achievement of these goals, in the first place, is related to the future of chemical science – the young generation of scientists who must stand in the forefront of new discoveries and innovative researches.

We really would be glad to see the chemical companies as participant or guests.

Finally, once again we cordially invite all of you to join the vital and fruitful discussion in all fields of modern chemistry and hope that your visit in our country will be memorable.

Organizing committee