6-th International Conference of Young Scientists

"Chemistry, Agrochemistry and Biology:
Modern Trends and Achievements"

Dedicated to anniversary of David Sarajishvili

June 18-21, 2023

Tbilisi, Georgia

Call for abstracts


Plenary Lectures

Prof. Giorgi Titvinindze
"Sulfonated aromatic ionomers for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: current standing and challenges"

Prof. Ia Pipia
"Insights into the Grape genomics and Wine Aromas of Georgia known as the Cradle of Viticulture"

Prof. Gioergi Zaalishvili
"Zebrafish as a model for anticancer drug research"

Prof. Pavle Tchelidze
"3D/4D Organization of r-Chromatin: A Multifold Loop Model as Unraveled by Volume Electron Microscopy of UBTF1 and UBTF2 Isoforms"

Prof. Nina Kulikova
"Leucine-based Pseudo-Protein (LPP) Films as Promising Biomaterials"

Dr. Nikoloz Nioradze
"Approaches for elucidating fundamental questions of charge exchange processes in bioelectrochemical systems"

Dr. Nino Zaradashvili
"Pseudo-proteins: design and biomedical applications"

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of all Organizers we have a pleasure and privilege to invite you to participate in the 6th International Conference of Young Scientists - “Chemistry, Agrochemistry and Biology: Modern Trends and Achievements” (ICYS-2023), that will be held on the June 18th-21st, 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Conference is the 6th in a series of international conferences, organized by the Agricultural University of Georgia and Association of Professional Chemists of Georgia.

The scientific program will provide an opportunity for participating young scientists to exchange new ideas and information on many issues covering wide spectrum of chemistry topics. High-profile plenary and keynote lectures will be provided by outstanding scholars invited from prestigious research centers.

The conference will be an occasion for the participants to make new acquaintances, share findings and strengthen networks and research collaboration.The Organizing Committee is sincerely making full efforts to feature wide-ranging and excellent scientific programs to ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest developments and on current research in general fields of chemistry.

We also plan to present a breathtaking and an enthralling social program where you will fully enjoy visiting the sights of Tbilisi and Georgia as well as the pleasant interaction with other participants and colleagues, so that all delegates and accompanying persons can carry home good memories of the occasion in Tbilisi and in the countryside. Therefore, we encourage you to take this chance to explore the many manifestations of the beautiful City of Tbilisi and experience the exciting ancient Georgian culture.

All members of the organizing committee hope all of you will join us at ICYS-2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We look forward to seeing you in Tbilisi in June, 2023.


Vakhtang Lejava,

Chair of organizing committee
Rector of Agricultural University of Georgia