“Chemistry begins in the stars. The stars are the source of the chemical elements,
which are the building blocks of matter and the core of our subject.”

Peter Atkins


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we have the great honor to invite you to the Tournament “GOLDEN FLEECE-2024”, an International chemistry competition, which will be held in Georgia from March 28 to March 31, 2024.

The main aim of the tournament is to promote international contacts and encourage the activity of students interested in chemistry.

The tournament "Golden Fleece" is an international team competition in chemistry among students aged 14-18. Each team participating in the tournament consists of 4 students from one or more schools. The team is led by a mentor, assisted by 1 assistant. The Mentor and Assistant can be school teachers, students of higher education institutions, scientists, etc.

The teams participating in the tournament will receive “homework" in advance, which includes 4 Theoretical and 2 Practical Tasks.

The Theoretical Task requires the development of a hypothesis for solving a scientific problem. To examine the hypothesis, it is necessary to find and study the relevant theoretical materials, draw conclusions, and prepare a presentation to represent the completed task.

The Practical Task is in the making of the specific model and its demonstrations. To complete the task, it is necessary to find all relevant information, plan and perform the experiment, analyze the obtained data, etc.

The participation fee for each person is 250 Euro. The delegation of each country may consist of two additional students, scientific observers (maximum two) and guests (unlimited). The cost of attendance for additional persons is 250 Euro. The registration fee covers pickup service, local transportation, lunches and coffee breaks during the events.

We are looking forward to welcoming your delegation to Tbilisi, Georgia, in March 2024.

For further information, please visit our website (www.chemistry.ge/tournament) or contact us by sc.goldenfleece@gmail.com


Please visit the registration page.   The deadline for the registration is March 10, 2024.


Yours Sincerely,

 Organizing Committee