“Chemistry begins in the stars. The stars are the source of the chemical elements,
which are the building blocks of matter and the core of our subject.”

Peter Atkins




Golden Fleece 

Definition.  The golden fleece is the fleece of a flying, winged ram named Crius Chrysomallos, or 'Golden-fleeced Ram', in Greek mythology. It is best known from the story of Jason and the Argonauts, who were sent by Pelias, the ruler of Iolcos, to retrieve it from Aeëtes, the king of Colchis.

According to the Roman poet Ovid (43 BCE to 17 CE) in his Metamorphoses, Chrysomallos, the golden-fleeced ram, was the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Theophane, the daughter of Bisaltes, a son of Helios and Gaia. Theophane was a beautiful woman, which meant she was often inundated with men. Poseidon carried her away to the island of Crumissa, where he transformed her into a ewe and himself into a ram. After laying with each other in ewe and ram form, Chrysomallos the golden-fleeced ram was born. The ram was sent by Nephele, a cloud nymph to save her children Helle and Phrixos from being sacrificed. He carried Phrixos all the way from Orchomenos in Boeotia to Colchis, but Helle fell off off the ram's back on the journey and plunged into the sea. When they reached Colchis, Phrixos sacrificed the Ram and laid its golden fleece in a sacred grove to Ares. This golden fleece would then become the object Jason and his Argonauts were sent to retrieve...

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by Kelly Macquire




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The organizer of the tournament is Agricultural University of Georgia.

Agricultural University of Georgia

Agricultural University of Georgia (AUG) was founded in 1929 and represents the main university of agricultural profile in Georgia. In 2012 the Agricultural University of Georgia became part of the Agricultural Education and Science Fund, against multi-million USD privatisation fee and an investment commitment. After the take-over, investments went into infrastructure renovation, which included 57 fully equipped scientific-research and educational laboratories, lecture halls, seminar rooms, auditoriums, training facilities and other extensive facilities for higher education. Apart from the physical facilities, AUG had invited high-class professors and researchers from US and Europe to teach at AUG - new international staff had also worked on the creation of the new syllabi and curricula, in order for AUG to provide up-to-date education.

Apart from the typical amenities, AUG now prides itself in some of the best research and educational facilities in Georgia. Among others, for practical, market-oriented and employment-relevant training, such as Culinary Academy, Wine and Viticulture Academy, and Veterinary Clinic, all of which are functioning not only for educational purposes, but also as a stand-alone businesses, creating financial sustainability for the university.

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Financial support:

Sota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

Tournamen "Golden Fleece" is supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG) | grant number SPG-23-429


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Tbilisi Free University

The university was founded by The Knowledge Fund (KF) in 2007, which is a non-profit, charity organization founded by Kakha Bendukidze.

KF is the largest endowment in higher education in Georgia.The Fund's purpose is to ensure provision of world quality higher education to Georgia's young generation and encourage high quality research in the country.

The University was founded on the basis of European School of Management in Tbilisi (ESM) and Institute of Asia and Africa (IAA). In 2017, both ESM and IAA celebrated 25 years since their opening and 10 years as part of Free University.

Free University is one of the leaders in the educational sphere in Georgia. The university stands out with its high quality of education, modern learning environment and high employment level of graduates.

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Information Support:

Association of Professional Chemists
of Georgia

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