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Invited lectures

Prof Johannes Jehle, 


Institute for Biological Control of the Federal Research Center for Cultivates Plants
Darmstadt, Germany







Johannes Jehle is director of the Institute for Biological Control of the Federal Research Center for Cultivates Plants (Julius Kuehn Institute) in Darmstadt, Germany ( Institute develops methods and strategies for biological control of plant pests and plant diseases. The aim of Johannes´ scientific work is to improve the application of insect viruses as biological control agents of pest insects. He is specifically interested in molecular biology and evolution of insect viruses, and virus-host interaction. Recent achievements were made in elucidation of the resistance of codling moth to baculoviruses, the genome characterization and phylogeny of nudiviruses. Before his appointment as director of the Institute for Biological Control, he served as a senior scientist at the Agricultural Service Center Palatinate (DLR Rheinpfalz) from 1997-2010. He coordinated a decent number of national and international research consortia, is member on international review panels for research grants and serves on the editorial boards of Virology, Journal of Insect Pathology, Viruses, and DNA Sequences and Patents. In 2008, he was awarded the Founder´s Lecturer Award of the Society of invertebrate Pathology for his research on microbial control.

In 1991, he became acquainted with the WG Insect pathogens and entomoparasitic nematodes, when he was a PhD student. Later, he joined this working group as an active member and he always appreciated the superb scientific quality of the meetings as well as the co-operation and friendship with many other members of the working group.